Free to Play Fireworks - 7/11/2018 - Episode 17

July 12, 2018

After a glorious 4th of July break, the VGWAM crew is back! This week Ian convinced everyone to check out Warframe again, was somewhat disappointed with Fear the Wolves, and attempted to make Toukiden 2 sound like something that was worth playing. Jermaine grinded out some loot in Diablo 3 and Vermintide, then got lost in VR with the creepy puzzle game called Statik. Benson destroyed cars, lawnmowers, and buses in Wreckfest and shared some interesting tidbits o...

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Guns, Bugs, and Hawaiian Shirts - 6/28/2018 - Episode 16

June 28, 2018

The crew is back together for talk of fashionable shirts and video games! But mostly games. Ian’s been wrapping up Assassin’s Creed Origins and checked out a little stealth shooter called Acid Spy. Jermaine has been back in the Diablo 3 mines, and had a chance to dip into Realm Royale. He also found a mobile soccer game called Dumber League, which Ian and Benson downloaded immediately. And of course, more Vermintide 2.

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E3 Wasn't a Mistake - 6/21/2018 - Episode 15

June 22, 2018

Jermaine has returned, but Benson is out on a secret mission! Ian talks about becoming one of those Dynasty Warriors weirdos, and a little card game called Slay the Spire. Then it’s Story Time With Jermaine as he relates his time in Los Angeles for the Electronics and Entertainment Expo. He got hands-on time with some heavy hitters like Smash Bros. Ultimate, Kingdom Hearts, and the Resident Evil 2 Remake, and tried out some very exciting upcoming VR title...

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Swipe Left BioWare, Swipe Right Bethesda? - Episode 14 - 6/13/2018

June 14, 2018

It’s a skeleton crew this week, with Roving Correspondent Jermaine prowling the show floor of E3 in Los Angeles. Benson and Ian have lots to talk about though, and they cover some lovely VR experiences, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and then make a dash through the highlights of the big publisher showcases of E3. What’s BioWare up to? Does Microsoft have time to right the Xbox ship? Why is Todd Howard suddenly our best friend? All this and much mo...

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Sexy Sweaty Vampires - Episode 13 - 6/6/2018

June 07, 2018

Welcome faithful listeners and fresh newcomers to episode 13 of Video Games Were a Mistake. This is the episode before the video game industry showers us with all of the latest and greatest news/announcements from our favorite companies and developers. On this episode Jermaine and Ian dive into the games they've been playing as the Benson attempts to cool down in the real world since he was without power for a majority of the day. Jermaine shared his thoughts o...

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