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Benson, Ian, and Jermaine get together to talk about video games every week! Discord:
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Now THIS is Ray Tracing - 8/22/2018 - Episode 21

    All the seats are taken for episode 21 of Video Games Were a Mistake. During his brief sickness hiatus, Benson found his way back to Dead Cells which the entire crew is enthralled with at this time. Ian is still hunting all the monsters and Jermaine garnered a strange obsession ...


  2. Down with the Sickness - 8/15/2018 - Episode 20

    Welcome to episode 20 of Video Games Were a Mistake! This week Benson was feeling under the weather so Jermaine and Ian took charge and jumped head first into this week in the world of video games. Despite our minor protest, Ian took the plunge into Monster Hunter World and ...


  3. No Man's Malta - 8/8/2018 - Episode 19

    We took a mini break but Video Games Were a Mistake is back! Fresh back from Malta, Ian shared his thoughts on Thumper, Hammerwatch, and his fun adventures with Yakuza 0. Benson jumped back into No Man’s Sky, played a bit more of Dead Cells, and started a discussion on ...


  4. Beer Darts - 7/25/2018 - Episode 18

    Welcome to episode 18 of Video Games Were a Mistake! This week the crew talks about a surprising amount of old games as the summer drought continues to persist. Benson introduced everyone to quite possibly the greatest drinking game ever invented by the name of Beer Darts, Jermaine ...


  5. INTERVIEW: Andrew W.K - 7/19/2018

    Ian sits down with Andrew W.K. to talk about Rage 2! Hope you enjoy this special episode as much as we enjoyed making it. If you'd like to read the entire interview, check it out here! If you'd like to hear more of our content, you can check ...