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Benson, Ian, and Jermaine get together to talk about video games every week! Discord:
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  1. Press X to Gain Equal Rights - Episode 12 - 5/30/2018

    Welcome to a jam packed episode of Video Games Were a Mistake! It's that time of year where a lot of major E3 announcements get leaked out and this week was no exception. The crew talks about the new Fallout trailer, the plethora of Pokemon titles Nintendo is ...


  2. Breaking Plague Hearts All Over Town - Episode 11 - 5/23/2018

    We’re missing one Benson due to an infected zed bite, but Jermaine and Ian are back to talk about the latest and greatest in games this week. Jermaine checked out Overwatch’s anniversary event, and finished God of War. Ian’s been into Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion and learning about ...


  3. INTERVIEW: Weather Factory founders Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan

    Cultist Simulator is a difficult game to classify - it’s a card-based strategy game, but also a Lovecraftian weird fiction engine that focuses on discovery through exploration and dreaming. Ian spoke with creators Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan, who collaborated on games like Sunless Sea and Fallen London prior to ...


  4. It's Gonna Be Mue - Episode 10 - 5/16/2018

    Oh did you miss us? We've missed you too! Welcome to episode 10 of Video Games Were A Mistake? This week was a mini skeleton crew with Benson and Jermaine while Ian handled some life business. He was missed but rest assured, you haven't heard the last of ...


  5. Frosted Mini Gods - Episode 9 - 4/26/2018

    If losing power 5 minutes into the latest show won’t stop us, nothing will! Welcome to episode 9 of Video Games Were a Mistake. As probably predicted, Jermaine went gaga over God of War, Ian dipped his toes into the world of Frostpunk, and Benson jumped into his ...