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Benson, Ian, and Jermaine get together to talk about video games every week! Discord:
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Fishing with Billy Mitchell - Episode 8 - 4/18/2018

    We are back at it again! Fishing Strike for iOS consumed two-thirds of the cast this week, Jermaine finally started playing Darkest Dungeon, and Ian opened our eyes to an Android game called Guild of Dungeoneering. Benson goes deep on Fishing Strike and explaining why it's so amazing. ...


  2. Nicki Minaj presents DropMix - Episode 7 - 4/11/2018

    This week Benson regales us with tales of the Pax in Boston. He was able to get hands on Divinity 2, Dark Souls for the Switch, Dropmix, a little indie game called Below, Detroit: Become Human, and Phantom Doctrine. Ian is still digging Dying Light and Jermaine tried out Radical ...


  3. Kinda? - Episode 6 - 4/5/2018

    Benson is at PAX East so we'll be back next week with plenty to talk about! Send in anything you'd like to know about to Thanks again! ...


  4. Bass Pro Shops 5 - Episode 5 - 3/28/2018

    This week we go live and stream while podcasting! Ian goes in depth with his time with Far Cry 5,  Benson talks about his time with Ni No Kuni, and Jermaine found a new addiction in Hearthstone. We briefly touch on more VR news and Benson provides one ...


  5. More like Sea of Sucks - Episode 4 - 3/21/2018

    This week we attempt to scavenge the little bits of news that occured over the past week. Ian shared a terrifying airplane story, Benson got sucked back into PUBG, and Jermaine is still addicted to Vermintide 2. We also discuss the Fortnite news eruption caused by Twitch Streamer ...