Video Games Were A Mistake

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Benson, Ian, and Jermaine get together to talk about video games every week! Discord:
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Introductory Episode!!!! - Episode 1 - 3/1/2018

    Our introductory cast! Benson, Ian, and Jermaine combine forces to tell you what was good last year in video games and what's good so far this year (and what to avoid). Discord = ...


  2. Sex Blob Firmware - Episode 2 - 3/7/2018

    The VGWAM crew is back, and we're congratulating Game Informer on 300 issues, talking punchy mechs, and updating our sex blob firmware. Discord: ...


  3. Quattro Bloops - Episode 3 - 3/13/2018

    This week we got some breathing room from 2018’s initial flood of new releases, which means we’ve… mostly been playing Vermintide 2. But there’s plenty of non-Skaven-related news to discuss, too - Benson has returned from the wilderness, Ian is returning to the wilderness, and Jermaine may have an interesting ...