Video Games Were A Mistake

Nicki Minaj presents DropMix - Episode 7 - 4/11/2018

This week Benson regales us with tales of the Pax in Boston. He was able to get hands on Divinity 2, Dark Souls for the Switch, Dropmix, a little indie game called Below, Detroit: Become Human, and Phantom Doctrine. Ian is still digging Dying Light and Jermaine tried out Radical Heights. Also, Jermaine is going down a dark, dark hole with Hearthstone. Ian finally bought a Switch like the rest of the world and is enjoying Breath of the Wild finally. For some reason Ubisoft put Sam Fisher in Wildlands, Nicki Minaj is putting out Street Fighter DLC, and Tanks are out for Arma 3!!

Discussed: PAX, Divinity 2, Dark Souls, Dropmix, Harmonix, Below, Detroit Become Human, David Cage, Beyond Two Souls, Phantom Doctrine, XCOM,Dying Light, Radical Heights, Dying Light, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Ghost Recon Wildlands, Splinter Cell, Nicki Minaj, Capcom, Witcher 3, Chun Li

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