Video Games Were A Mistake

Press X to Gain Equal Rights - Episode 12 - 5/30/2018

Welcome to a jam packed episode of Video Games Were a Mistake! It's that time of year where a lot of major E3 announcements get leaked out and this week was no exception. The crew talks about the new Fallout trailer, the plethora of Pokemon titles Nintendo is preparing to drop, and the new Team Sonic Racing game. We also dive into the inevitable suing of Epic by PUBG over intellectual property in Fortnite and show some love to the Killer 7 port that is headed to PC. Ian shares his thoughts on State of Decay 2, Jermaine finally rips off the digital plastic for Metal Gear Solid 5, and Benson almost soils himself playing The Forest in VR. Detroit: Becoming Human gets time to shine as Benson shares his thoughts with his time with the game and we also find out just how much he loved Fallout 4. This and more can be heard on this week's show.

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