Video Games Were A Mistake

Sexy Sweaty Vampires - Episode 13 - 6/6/2018

Welcome faithful listeners and fresh newcomers to episode 13 of Video Games Were a Mistake. This is the episode before the video game industry showers us with all of the latest and greatest news/announcements from our favorite companies and developers. On this episode Jermaine and Ian dive into the games they've been playing as the Benson attempts to cool down in the real world since he was without power for a majority of the day. Jermaine shared his thoughts on Bayonetta 1 for the Switch, finally started Detroit: Become Human, and has given up hope on becoming great in Mario Tennis Aces. Ian shared some more insights on his review of Vampyr, made Sushi Striker sound like a game that must be witness for one's self, and also opened up a new world of possibilities with Bus Simulator 18. The duo then spent some time chatting about the news from the past week including Bungie's next planned expansion for Destiny 2, the unfortunate delay of Crackdown 3(again), and attempted to understand Steam's decision to do absolutely nothing when it comes to curating their storefront. The podcast ended in a slew of E3 hopes, dreams, predictions and wants that left the host more than excited for the event to come.

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