Video Games Were A Mistake

Breaking Plague Hearts All Over Town - Episode 11 - 5/23/2018

We’re missing one Benson due to an infected zed bite, but Jermaine and Ian are back to talk about the latest and greatest in games this week. Jermaine checked out Overwatch’s anniversary event, and finished God of War. Ian’s been into Destiny 2’s Warmind expansion and learning about interpersonal relationships in State of Decay 2. The guys talk about Rainbow Six Siege - Jermaine’s just getting in in time for the new Operation Para Bellum content to drop next month, and Ian’s headed back to Toussaint to finish The Witcher 3’s Blood & Wine DLC. In the news, Sony’s CEO has said the PlayStation 4 is in its “final phase” of its lifecycle, and Call of Duty and Battlefield had competing reveals. And it turns out, Fortnite is making a lot of money.

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