Video Games Were A Mistake

Fishing with Billy Mitchell - Episode 8 - 4/18/2018

We are back at it again! Fishing Strike for iOS consumed two-thirds of the cast this week, Jermaine finally started playing Darkest Dungeon, and Ian opened our eyes to an Android game called Guild of Dungeoneering. Benson goes deep on Fishing Strike and explaining why it's so amazing. Ian shared his thoughts on Total Warhammer 2, detailed why ARMA 3 was interesting, and finally dipped his toes in the Radical Heights pool. We ponder on what PUBG is doing with all of their new random modes and what the future looks like for Bluehole. Benson recommend a new story driven game called Marie's Room and talked about his time with Cultist Simulator. We end the cast with goofing on Billy Mitchell for a bit. Man...Billy Mitchell.

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