Video Games Were A Mistake

It's Gonna Be Mue - Episode 10 - 5/16/2018

Oh did you miss us? We've missed you too! Welcome to episode 10 of Video Games Were A Mistake? This week was a mini skeleton crew with Benson and Jermaine while Ian handled some life business. He was missed but rest assured, you haven't heard the last of him. This week Jermaine continues his gushing over God of War, gave praise to Alien: Isolation, and admitted to his current level in the mobile addiction known as Fishing Strike. Benson is putting Battletech on the shelf for now, dived back into PUBG, and struggled to get Dead Rising Up and Running while he anxiously awaits State of Decay 2.

The crew also talked about the Boss Key shut down, the non-surprising delay of Shenmue 3, and go down memory lane of the PSP spurred off the news of a working PSP emulator on the Playstation 4. It's that time of year where leaks are happening and this year is no exception. Topics of conversation ranged from the release trailer of Rage 2, the massive leak that occured because of, and we talk briefly about Battlefield 5.

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